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WPGTA Plow , Pull and show day at the Beacon Hotel

Minutes to Aug. 18, 2012 Meeting at Lutherburg

IH Chapter 34 - WPGTA

August 18, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Pres. Wally Whitfield. Attending were Pres. Wally W., Treas. Joe Rice, Sec. Inez Jordan and directors Charles Jordan, Mark Campbell, Casey Angeletti, and advisor Denny Engle.

Absent were: V. Pres. Bob Francis, director Mike Dugan, Ray Freedline.

Others attending were: Jacob Reesman, Paul Reesman, Ken Highfield, Ken Highfield Sr. and Tammy Angeletti.

The minutes of the April 28th meeting were read and motion to accept made by Wally W., 2nd by Charles J. Approved.

The treasurer’s report was read by Joe R. and the balance is $2,375.74 and $385 cash for a balance today of $2,760.74. Motion to accept report made by Wally W., 2nd by Denny E. Approved.

Joe will not be treasurer for WPGTA

Wally has applications for anyone who wants to be a WPGTA member and new by laws for the WPGTA. Form 5013 C, non profit corporation fee is $400. Paperwork is done except to send in $125 for tax exemption.

Insurance for WPGTA needs to be paid and it isn’t paid as of now and costs $553. Wally hopes to have 53 members at $15 for a membership in the club.

Joe R. made a motion to pay the $553 for insurance for WPGTA, 2ndby Casey A. Approved.

Wally will send invoice to Denny and Denny will get bill to Joe for payment. Activate insurance on Nov. 1.

Joe R. stated that all money from Chapter 34 needs to be returned to nationals and all members need to vote to deactivate the club.

Wally asked if anyone wants to keep Chapter 34 going or otherwise it will be inactive. The turn out today is not good and we were to have a plow day. The problem with Chapter 34 was that Dave wanted a Cub Cadet club but the membership area extended to the southern and mid west states and Canada. Also the club could only have plow days and no other activities.

Denny E. and Joe R. don’t want to see all money from Chapter 34 go back to IH national so they would like to have a granite marker for Dave with a Chapter 34 insignia and stating President and Founder of Chapter 34. Ann is OK with having the cemetery marker put on grave. Cemetery is Windy Hill Cemetery at Rt. 36 S. of Brookville on Sheep Farm Road. Joe and Denny will check on monument dealers in the area. Motion to have marker made by Denny E., 2nd by Mark C. Approved.

Denny and Joe would like to have a donation given to Chapter 17 for the IH Museum at Millville. Motion made by Denny E., 2nd by Mark C. Approved. A $500 donation was given 3 yrs. ago when Dave was president. Many improvements have been made to the museum.

Denny would like everyone to vote on having Chapter 17 host the Red Power Round Up at Bloomsburg June 19 to 26, 2013.

Wally stated that Brian Albrecht will be sending out renewals in Oct. You can be a member at large join anotherchapter. Chapter 16 is at Georgetown. Joe suggested talking to Ben of Chapter 17 to see if 17 can absorb Chapter 34.

Denny stated Sept. 7, 8, 9 will be the show at Centre Hall, Penns Cave and Ben will be there.

Mark C. stated he is going to be working a lot for the next couple of years and does not want to be a director. Casey A., Joe R. and Mark C. have joined WPGTA.

IH Chapter 34 – WPGTA page 2

Denny stated we need a meeting to finalize marker and donation. He suggested the Clarion Fire Hall for the next meeting on Sun. Oct. 7, 5 PM after the Autumn Leaf Festival Tractor Show.

The fire hall is located at 525 Wood St. 2nd by Inez J. Approved.

Winner of the 50/50 was Mark C. for $14. $28 was total of 50/50

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Casey A., 2ndby Mark C.

Respectfully submitted by Inez Jordan, Secretary

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