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WPGTA Plow , Pull and show day at the Beacon Hotel

Next Chapter 34 Meeting 4/30/2011

The next meeting will be held at plowday at Renfrew,Pa.on 4/30/2011

After lunch around 1PM.

March Meeting

Chapter 34 I H Club

March 20, 2011

Officers present at the meeting were: Pres. Joe Hnatkovich, Director and fundraising Denny Engle, Directors Charles Jordan and Mark Campbell, Sect. Inez Jordan. Others attending were: Gary Magee and Cliff Campbell. Joe Rice left the treasurer’s report but did not attend the meeting.

The treasurer’s report was read. The balance was $2,835.01, bill from Great World for buttons was $189.50, the new balance is $2,645.51. No response, stands as read.

The minutes of the Jan 23rd meeting was read. No response, stands as read.

The 50th anniversary show at Millville is canceled. Denny sent 2 e-mails to Ben T. that we couldn’t do the show. Bill Markle sent an e-mail to Inez about Ben T. wondering about the show. Bingman sent an e-mail to Denny wanting to know about the show. Denny e-mailed them and told them the show was canceled. Then Chapter 17’s newsletter came out and said that no notice was sent to Ben about the show being canceled due to lack of commitment.

In response to the letter sent to members about the show, about 2 dozen members replied that they couldn’t do the 50th anniversary show.

Denny has found about 3 doz. 2010 buttons and 2 doz. Magnets. Dave charged a $1 for them but take one if you want.

Website – Wally has the website going. Some members are having trouble with the website. Charlie got the video of plowing. Inez and Mark got trivia games. Denny changed update on 50th anniversary show.

The website will be upgraded to get rid of the ads. Cost $60 right now to have a forum on the website. Wally is taking care of that.

Denny went off as director last Oct. but will stay on until a regular election is held. A few want the meeting place changed but then the ones who always attend from southern PA would have to travel an extra hour or hour and a half to have a meeting in the St. Marys/Emporium area. At the last meeting held in NY state, no one from NY state attended that meeting while 6 members from PA attended.

Posters - Denny stated there is a mistake on the plow days posters about the wrong website and should read: as they are a sponsor.

Denny has the 50th anniversary calendars for anyone who wants one. Also 12 T shirts size XL and 2 XL for $10 each. We could use some T shirts for the auction at plow days at Renfew. The International emblem sells for $10 but anyone at the meeting today can have one for $5.

Denny told Mike Silberhorn the 50th anniversary show was canceled and Mike said he had already sent a box of items. Denny forgot the Hoover promotions book. There were a few items he would like to order, IH hat pins, 3 I H flags and 2 doz. cookie cutters. Denny will order these items and if they sell, he will buy more. Denny ordered 10 black 50th anniversary license plates for himself and will donate $5 for each plate sold to Chapter 34.

Denny would like to buy a park bench at $199 but how would we sell chances on it with out a small games of chance license? Talked about selling chances at Renfew but with Fort Allen the same day would we have that many attend at Renfew?

Page 2 Chapter 34 IH Club March 20, 2011

Denny has applications for Chapter 34 and for the International clubs if anyone wants one. Anyone who plows at Renfew must be a member of the national club. Do we need to contact nationals that we are having plow days so we are covered by insurance?

Denny bought a locking cash box for $22 for keeping club money in at the auction.

Denny suggested giving Carrie S. $100 + for her work on posters and newsletter.

Up coming shows are Plow days at Renfew 4/30, Nittnay Valley Spring show, PPMA spring show over the Memorial Day weekend and Coolspring show in June.

Motion to adjourn made by Charlie J., 2nd by Gary M.

Respectfully submitted by Inez J., Sect.

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