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WPGTA Plow , Pull and show day at the Beacon Hotel

Cub Cadet History

50 years ago, IH introduced a new product line that would change the landscape of small outdoor power equipment more than even they could have realized. The affects of this little dynamic tractor would be far reaching and as such, IH had set the bar in this field and it has been that example that has been followed for 5 decades since. Using some familiar parts from their beloved Farmall Cub tractor, and some new styling concepts, the Cub Cadet was born in 1961.Those first Cub Cadets that rolled of the Louisville Kentucky assembly line in the early 60's known as the Original's, brought the dependability, quality and superb IH craftsmanship of the bigger farm tractors painted Federal yellow and trimmed with Harvester white was an almost instant success and production was increased 5 fold to keep up with demand that first year.

For 20 years, through the 1960's,70's and early 80's IH continued to upgrade and improve the Cub Cadet line. In 1963 they expanded the line to include the models 70 and a new 10hp version, the 1965 came the models 71,102 and now a 12hp version of the 122.A year later in 1966 came the groundbreaking concept of a hydrostatic transmission incorporated into the 12hp model 123. Then in 1967 came 5 new models, the 72,104 and a hydro, the 105,also the 124 and 1969 came 6 new models the 73,106,107,126,127 and a new 14hp version hydro the 147. Each design with new styling and accents.

In 1971 IH introduced a new heavier frame know as the first (wide frame) models, the 86 a 8 hp version which is now the smallest in the fleet, and a 108,109,128,129,149 and a new 16hp version, the 169 hydro. A radical design change in 1974 brought the first fully enclosed engine known as the quiet lines the models 800, 1000, 1200, 1250, 1450 and 1650 were born. A new (red) color was adopted in 1979 as the (82 series) tractor were born. Styling resembled the bigger farm tractors, new models included the 482,582,582 special,682,782,1282 and a new tractor that would later be known as a super (garden tractor)was introduced know as the 982. In 1981 the immensely popular Cub Cadet line was sold to a new independently formed company called Cub Cadet Corporation and the proud tradition continued. Today the Cub Cadet name continues to live on and is owned my MTD. There is no finer piece of outdoor equipment on the market today as the proud heritage continues to thrive in the entire line of Cub Cadet lawn and garden equipment.50 years and still going strong. Happy birthday Cub Cadet.(Borrowed and edited form the 2003 RPRU program.)

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