Western Pennsylvania Garden Tractor Association

  • We are insured and nonprofit

Our last meeting before the next event on April 29, 2023 at the Beacon Hotel will be on April 12th. Everyone is welcome to help get ready for it, we can use some help, and with items or the auction. And what's going on with our website. Hope to see you there. Wally

Still under construction

  • We are staying right here, but they are working on getting us a new site soon with an email blast and subscribe to the newsletter with a donation button to help pay for all of this

We are always looking for new members and places to plow and pull. We are insured and nonprofit.

Think spring!!

Beginning of a Beautiful Day at the Beacon Hotel Nov. 5th 2011, See some of what you missed

The WPGTA first Plow and Plow day on Nov. 10, 2012 was very successful plowing was at its best as was our first Pull Day. Pictures here and in the Photo Gallery. If you would like to be part of this right click on the application above and print it out. More pictures in the Photo Gallery

Getting the Corn field ready to plow, pictures in the photo gallery

Thanks you all for doing the SUN Dance WOW what a day we had, we had so much fun that we will do it again in May 7th 2016 at the Beacon Hotel to get all the Ghost out of the Corn Maze

Plow Days for 2012 is on April 28 at the Beacon Hotel, this will be our 4th Annual plow days there.

More of Plow Days, I like this picture.... neat!!!

More of Plow Days at the Beacon Hotel

For those of us that are pulling our tractors that may want to put on a kill switch we have a sponsor http://giterdunn.com/ that I just ordered one from for $10.60 with Pa. tax and free shipping. That where I got my Hooker Hitch and wheelie bars also. They gave us a $50 gift certificate for our May event last year and may do the same this year and be a vendor too on May 2, 2015. Its not a rule yet but it was brought up at our last meeting and I think its a good idea too. Also when looking for anything PLEASE check out our VENDORS first on the Sponsor & Vendor links page on our forum, they help us with gift certificates and items for our auctions too.

Wally Whitfield President WPGTA